A REALTOR®'s Value in the Tech Revolution

Dated: December 16 2020

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A Realtor's Value in the Tech Revolution

The Internet has changed the way we approach most tasks. Not only is more information readily available to those who search for it, but articles abound with step-by-step, DIY instructions that make it look easy to do anything from baking a cake to raising a barn. It's no different for real estate. With all of the tools and listing websites available online, you might wonder if selling your home yourself is better than hiring a professional Realtor®.


While the idea of saving the commission fee seems attractive, the truth is that home sellers who use a professional agent receive more and better offers, sell their homes faster, and net more money than those who sell on their own. They also spend much less of their own time getting the home ready to sell, listed, and marketed to buyers and buyer Realtor®.


Just as the Internet has given you volumes of information, it has also changed the way listings are marketed, found, and closed. A professional Realtor® understands how to use the new technology to ensure our customers achieve the best results from their real estate transaction. To sum it up, if you have all of the same information as your Realtor® when it comes to selling your home, will you put in the same amount of time, effort, and experience to make that information work for your home sale?




The experience of a professional Realtor® is your best resource during the real estate transaction process. The right agent is well informed about disclosures, loan programs, qualifications, forms, pricing, local market climate and trends, and can advise you properly. Knowing not only the comparable properties in your area, but also details about amenities and lifestyle, they will properly help a prospective buyer understand the unique advantage your home offers.



Take the guesswork out of picking a listing price or purchase offer price. A price too high or low compared to proper market value can cost you valuable time and thousands of dollars. Buyers and their Realtors® understand the market as well. They won't waste time on an over-priced listing. Neither with an under-priced listing automatically generate a bidding war on your home. Using market data, trends, recent sales and inventory currently on the market, you and your Realtor® can make strategic pricing decisions based on your personal goals and transaction timeline.




Your Realtor® is your advocate during the transaction and your sales PROFESSIONAL. They are trained to watch for buying signals and genuine interest from potential buyers. They understand how to remove personality and emotion from the transaction and represent your financial interests at each stage.


Once you do find a potential buyer, they negotiate the best price and terms while guiding you through the process - from loan to home inspections, disclosures, appraisals, and closing. They take the hassle out of the transaction by handling all of the small details for you.



Yes, the Internet has changed the way we find information. It's also changed the way we market homes for sale. A recent study found that 93% of buyers have searched for home online. Having a proper marketing plan that includes a thorough online strategy is critical for success today.


In addition, a professional Realtor® will offer a marketing plan customized to your home that could include open houses, agent tours, direct marketing, email campaigns, and any number of other options that will best bring potential buyers and their agents to and through your home.


Selling a home is often one of the largest financial transactions in a person's life. Working with a professional Realtor® gives you access to the most up-to-date information and technology. Properly marketing your home online as well as locally will bring more buyers to your home, putting you in the best position to receive quality offers and sell your home faster.


Thinking about selling or want to get more information about your home or the current market? Contact me today and let's set up some time to discuss!

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A Realtor's Value in the Tech Revolution

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